Creativity Should be Important… But not TOO Important

I had a client reach out to me out of a little frustration. He was wanting to know if we could make a display network ad look better. We kept with the usual responsive ads for his ads. We used images that we had found to be the most successful for his ads. His ads were performing great. He just was upset because he wanted them to look better. So, this led to my next question. I sent him all the images we had tested for his ad. He picked one and asked how that one had performed. The interesting thing was it was (to me) one of the less appealing ads. He asked how that ad had performed with that image. The ad had performed terribly. He was shocked because he thought it was the best looking. He wanted to try the ad out again and it once again dipped in production.

So, now what? Your gut told you which ad to use and it underperformed compared to your other options. Do you stick with your gut or do you go with the numbers?

Is It Better to Be Creative or Make Money?

Ads can be a funny thing, especially in the display network. Just like the adage, “Beauty is beheld in the eye of the beholder.” Some of you will know what I mean by this. That is why art is so vast and you may love something that someone finds extremely ugly. Same is the within display network ads. You may find an ad that you designed to be the most appealing ad you can comprehend when others will look at it and say no way to it.

If the “ugliest” ad is the one that performs the best, you better learn to love it because that is the money maker

I mentioned this is in a prior blog, you need to trust the numbers not your gut with marketing. Sometimes we get in the way of our marketing because “I know better than Google”, but numbers conflict with that. If the “ugliest” ad is the one that performs the best, you better learn to love it because that is the money maker.

Can you have both?

Now, trusting your gut when there is no data, that is a good thing. This is a good time for testing. You can go in and unleash your creative genius and create multiple different ads for testing.

…if the data shows that your favorite ad isn’t the best, let it go.

Inevitably, there is going to be one ad you are going to love. Just make sure to remember, if the data shows that your favorite ad isn’t the best, let it go.

Still Need Help?

If you need some help on building, testing or even your ad production, give us a call. We live for ads, seriously, it was the day before Mother’s Day and I had to go grab one last thing for my wife and I couldn’t help but call one of my business mates just to talk about ads. The simple task ended up taking an extra two hours because I was talking ads. It literally consumes us, so if you need help, let us know. We love chewing on puzzles for marketing. This way you can focus on your customers. Fill the form out below to begin your Journey with us.


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