Where to Throw Your Digital Marketing Spend

Digital marketing is expanding into many facets. Two of the top performing platforms are Google and Facebook. So, what’s the difference? Which is better? Which will get you the traffic that you want to get the most amount of leads?

Let’s dive in and look at both. But, first, a little analogy.

Have you ever fed a lion? I haven’t, but maybe you have. If you haven’t, just imagine with me.


First, you are at the zoo. The zookeeper is picking one lucky fan to feed the hungry lions. You had to pay a pretty penny, but this is a huge opportunity. So, in the end, you feel like it is worth paying to have this fun experience.

You go into the cage and they hand you the raw steaks to feed the lions. As you walk to the designated area to throw the meat, all of the lions pool right where the meat is going to land. You throw the meat out and multiple lions jump for the food.

The cost per click for Facebook ads are initially much cheaper than Google, but these ads convert at a much lower rate than Google.

Second, you are out in Sahara. There are multiple lions in this area. But, there are also many different types of animals there. You throw the meat out of the truck hoping to see a lion. Multiple different animals come out and look at the meat you threw out. Eventually, you get to the lions to come out and eat the meat you threw out, but you did have to have the meat go in front of all sorts of other animals too. Even if those animals weren’t interested, they still came and saw the meat.

The first example, the one about the zoo, is running ads on Google. Usually, these ads are expensive per click (in comparison to Facebook Ads), but they are lions literally searching for the meat. People get onto Google to find something.

Facebook ads are like the second example. The cost per click is initially much cheaper than Google, but these ads convert at a much lower rate than Google because the ads show to all the animals in the kingdom, not just to the lions.

People get onto Google to find something.

So, then it turns into the game of less cost per click but fewer conversions, or higher cost per click but higher conversions. This all, of course, depends on your market and the target audience you are trying to hit.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have been known to help business get their name out, especially in markets that are most driven by decision makers (dentist appointment, kitchen remodels, clothing, etc.…). These ads are mostly impression based. These ads really help with brand awareness. It will plaster your ads all over Facebook and the Facebook network. These are all visual ads that help create recognition of your business.

Google Ads

AdWords, the official name for ads on Google, are some of the most influential ads for any company. Google, like the zoo in our above analogy, is the tight-quartered den for animals to find their feed. People go to Google to find something. Therefore, AdWords is so efficient in bringing traffic to your website. It is literally the breeding ground for internet searching. Therefore, Google can charge higher prices for ads to be run because everyone is using them.

Finding the Best Combination for You

These two powerhouse platforms control most of the advertising funds in this digital age. Each one of these has its purpose and can generate multiple leads for your business. So, which is better for you?

Let’s first solve what your goal is. Are you a new company looking to get your name out? Facebook may be the way to go. Google also has a way to get you more brand awareness, but Facebook could possibly get you much more traffic and brand recognition.

If you feel like your brand is recognizable, Google ads may be the better options. Or, maybe you are a service driven company that brand awareness is less important (emergency plumbing is a good example).

Sometimes, both running at the same time can bring you the greatest outcome. Either way, we are willing to help. Fill out the form below and start your journey with us today!

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