4 Easy Tips to Build Your Brand

I don’t know if you have ever heard of companies like Nike, Subway, or even Google. If you haven’t, you need to come out from underneath that rock because it is 2018 and those are some of the biggest brands on the planet. Each one of the above-mentioned companies has one thing that is very similar. They all have great brand awareness.
“Eat Fresh.” What did that make you think of? “Just do it.” It gives you the same reaction. I don’t mention the brand, yet, you know exactly what brand I am talking about. Oh, and have you heard the phrase to “Google it”? As if Google is a verb now, not just a company. So, then this leaves you with the question of, how do I get that type of brand awareness for my company?

Here are 4 easy tips that you can start today to make your brand even stronger.

1. A Memorable Logo Lasts Forever

So, you have a business, a name, and a plan. You need to become recognizable. Look into getting a memorable logo. Now, this doesn’t have to be an intricate design. It can be something as simple as just a swoosh (like Nike). It just needs to be memorable.
If you need help, don’t worry. We are here to work with you every step of the way on getting that fresh design that makes people remember you.

2. Building a Social Media Presence that Shines

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn will be your go-to for building a strong brand. I mean, where else can you show your company’s culture and build a brand around who you are? People aren’t in the office with you guys every day, therefore social media is so important. If your company have casual Fridays, show the world. If your company went to go on a run together, let Facebook see you guys. Social media can become your best friend to building your culture into something special.

3. Maximizing Clicks through Google AdWords

There is a bidding strategy that can really help your business get traffic to your site within Google AdWords. This strategy is known as Maximizing Clicks. This is often used as a brand awareness tool via Google. You use these types of ads to get as much traffic to your site as possible. These do not cost as much per click but help to build a strong business brand by just getting your site in front of people.

4. Free Services Actually Make Money

I know, I know. The concept just sounds weird. I know the adage, “Nothing is free.” This can go both ways though. For a business, if you do something free, you can get rewarded for it. Giveaways work to generate a buzz around your company. I remember running a small clothing store. The biggest way we created buzz around our clothes was by doing giveaways. This really benefitted our business and helped us to get our name out there.
Building your brand is one of the most important portions of your company. So, if you need some help, we are here. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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