Google AdWords

Google Adwords are often given a bad rap. People think that they are just a waste of money and don’t really get you the results you want. Well, let me quickly tell you, if you did not see results from Google AdWords, then you were doing it wrong.

Google Adwords is one of the most beneficial marketing tools you can use for your business. In fact, Shopify called it, “One of the best ways to attract qualified visitors to your website is by using Google AdWords.” If that doesn’t help, let me share some stats.

Dentists Using AdWords

We currently run multiple dentists’ AdWords campaigns. Of the 48 dentists, we provided 285 conversions. This means that we got each dentist around 6 new patients. The total spend for all of the dentists is $53,403 in the month. Now, most of the dentists make at least $1,000 per patient. So, let’s do some math.

  • 285 New Patients
  • 48 Dentists
  • 6 New Patients per Dentist
  • $1,000 per Patient
  • $6,000 of Gross Income per Dentist
  • $285,000 Total Gross Income
  • $53,403 Total Spent
  • $1,112.56 per Dentist
  • $4,887.43 Net Income

So, each dentist is literally nearly netting 5 times their initial investment. If you could be promised an investment that you even were to get double what you put into it in one month, you would take it. So, image that on an even larger scale. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk real estate companies.

Real Estate Investors Using AdWords

Real estate investors are starting to realize what type of an income they can get from running Google Ads. For us, we have seen greater conversion with these than even dentists. In the last month, we had 40 different real estate investors we were running ads for. Here is the breakdown for these investors.

  • 2,099 Conversions
  • 52.5 Conversions per Client
  • $281,289.99 Total Spent
  • $7,032.25 per Client

Now, these clients don’t usually tell us what they make per lead but each one can make in ranges of $5,000 to $20,000 per client. So, go ahead, do that math on this one. No wonder they stick with us.

Now What?

We hope by now you are seeing how beneficial these ads can be. So, why not give them a try through ACTV Marketing. Get your FREE proposal today!

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